Michael and Kay

Mike & Kay live in Melbourne Australia and belong to the MG Car Club Victoria. Mike is a life member and past president and Kay is the current Secretary, so they’re both quite involved in the club administration.

Kay’s dream as a teenager growing up in Sydney was to own and drive an MG (B), so in 1974 she bought a 1967 blue MGB which she still owns to this day. At the same time in 1974 Michael was living in South Africa and his dream was to drive from Tierra Del Fuego to Alaska.

Mike and Kay finally met in Melbourne in 1980 when they started working together and they started going out with each other in 1981.  In 1982 they packed up all their belongings and went on a 3 month trip from Kathmandu to London in a Top Deck double decker bus.

This trip went so well that they bought a camper van in London and did a 6 month tour of Europe in 1983.
In 2015 they were “Living their Dreams” as they drove an MGB GT from Ushuaia in Tierra Del Fuego to Skagway in Alaska with 7 other MG’s. Not content with finishing in Alaska they then drove down to Los Angeles to ship their car home, a total of 5 and a half months in the BGT. http://mgpanamerica.mgcc.com.au/

Now in 2017 they are doing “one more” (una más which was their catch phrase in South America) road trip along the Silk Road with another 7 MG’s.