About The Trip

In 2015, at the end of the South American adventure, John Bastian said to Mike Herlihy, “uno mas” (one more). Mike, never one to refuse one more, be it beer, wine or MG trip, said, “of course” and so the 2017 Silk Road adventure was born.

 Was this trip to be two cars (too few), six cars (perhaps just right) or eight, as it was for the South America trip? Well, it wasn’t hard to find people who were keen for the adventure. Two dinner parties and a few chats at car club functions and the absolute maximum, eight cars, was quickly formed.

 Two years and endless planning later the trip is now a reality. The itinerary is all in place, the hotels booked and the eight cars have been loaded into two forty foot containers and are on their way.

 The trip begins in Bangkok and then heads north through Cambodia, Laos and China, then into Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, before finishing the Silk Road part of the trip by travelling through northern Iran and then Turkey. From Turkey we will be doing a quick flit across Europe to finally end the trip in Abingdon, England, the home of the MG.

 Briefly the cars and their drivers are as follows:

Burgundy – A burgundy 1973 MGB GT, driven by Tony, daughter Tashi and friends.

Dash B – A white 1970 MGB Roadster, driven by Ian and Loris.

Dutchess – A blue 1971 MGB GT, driven by Henk and Maja.

Ginger – A ‘ginger’ 1970 MGB GT, driven by Dave and Pat.

Goldie – A gold 1970 MGB Roadster driven by John and Ros.

Shamrock – A British racing green 1969 MGB GT driven by Peter and Paula.

Shiraz –  A burgundy 1968 MGB GT driven by Mike and Kay.

Vulcan – A deep orange 1972 MGB Roadster, driven by Ian and Lindy.

See the Team TAB for more details of the eight cars and their drivers.