Dash B

Aurel Stein, the noted early 20th century English explorer of western China and the Silk Route was accompanied on his travels by a very energetic little terrier. Dash was white with 4 black paws and one black ear. The faithful mutt accompanied Stein as he traversed the Taklamakan desert, from Kashgar to Dunhuang through Afghanistan and back to what is modern Pakistan. It therefore seemed somewhat appropriate, or maybe hopeful, to name our white MGB with 4 black tyres and a black vinyl top after this faithful companion in the hope that we would, with loving care, get the same reliable support.


Dash B is a white, Australian assembled 1970 MGB Mk2 Roadster with Overdrive. I chose a Roadster because that was THE car of my teenage years. Dash is one of 3 Roadsters, the other 5 cars all being hardtop MGB GT’s. Luckily Loris was totally unaware of the existence of the GT’s when we/I made the purchase as she sees them as an eminently more practical alternative (read: dry, roomy, quieter, cooler and with more protection). She thinks the decision to purchase the Roadster for the trip was totally emotional. Which it was.


For more details on the work done in preparing Dash B go to our website:   www.theclares.net.au